Take A Stand

By Senator Mike Morrell
Monday, September 22, 2014

Published by the Big Bear Grizzly

Your editorial (Aug. 20) was spot on. California’s economic climate is in a fragile state, caused in large part by a majority party in the legislature oblivious to the realities facing business owners. These two measures would only make our situation worse and I opposed them both.

The good news is that AB 2416 (Mark Stone, D-Monterey Bay), which would have authorized an employee to record a pre-judgment wage lien upon specified property of an employer, was defeated in the State Senate, falling eight votes short of the 21 necessary to pass. That it failed by such a large margin is testament to just how destructive this bill would have been for the business community.

Unfortunately, AB 1897 (Roger Hernández, D-West Covina), which would unreasonably expand employer liability, passed both houses of the legislature and is now on its way to the governor for a final decision. At this point, it is important for everyone to make his or her voice heard and urge the governor to veto this bill. Individuals can register their opposition by calling his office at 916-445-2841 or visiting his website at www.gov.ca.gov.

California businesses already face some of the nation’s highest taxes and most intimidating regulatory burdens; they do not need more. Let’s take a stand and tell Sacramento enough is enough.