Senator Morrell: Sacramento Democrats Are to Blame for California's Housing Crisis

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sacramento – As Vice Chair of the Senate Housing Committee, Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga) issued the following statement after Democratic legislators and labor activists gathered at the State Capitol today to “Rally for Housing.”

“Let’s keep in mind that Legislative Democrats created California’s housing crisis. Instead of introducing policies to lower construction costs, streamline the multitude of reports and regulations required for construction projects, or lower state and local permitting costs, Legislative Democrats have intentionally and repeatedly pushed legislation that adds costs to building homes for decades, in some places by as much as $140,000 per home.

“Housing in California is already too expensive. Legislative Democrats pass draconian legislation that adds more costs to homebuilding, pushing first-time buyers out of the market. Their solution to the housing crisis that they created through costly regulations and bureaucracy is to follow it up with hundreds of millions of dollars in state subsidies, seemingly to help some specific group with housing, yet only serves to increase costs even more.

“Legislative Democrats have created a vicious cycle which has made California unaffordable for many hardworking families,” said Senator Morrell.