Sen. Morrell Statement on Legislature's Passage of More 2020-21 State Budget Bills

Friday, June 26, 2020

SACRAMENTO – Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga) released the following statement after legislative Democrats passed another round of bills related to the 2020-21 state budget:

“The governor and Democrat leaders in Sacramento pieced this state budget together behind closed doors through a one-party, ideological, agenda-driven approach. It does not address the state’s long-term fiscal challenges.

“This budget also fails families across the state by denying COVID-19 relief funds to non-classroom-based charter schools and by capping funding for public schools, even those with growing attendance.  

“Further, it makes substantive policy changes that should have been reviewed and vetted through the normal legislative process, with maximum opportunity for public input. Among them:

  • a new ban on additional guns
  • a curtailment of federal water regulations, harming farmers and our food supply
  • a prohibition on colleges inquiring about applicants’ criminal histories
  • a reduction in legislative oversight of the $100-billion high-speed rail project – when multi-decade contracts are up for adoption with no requirement for legislative approval

“Lastly and importantly, this budget contains a $9-billion tax increase on businesses and job creators and approximately $22 million to enforce AB 5 restrictions on many freelancers and self-employed Californians, which will only slow our state’s economic recovery.”

Read Senator Morrell’s statement on the recent June 15, 2020 budget vote here.