Sen. Morrell Statement on 2018-19 State Budget Vote

Friday, June 15, 2018

“My colleague Senator John Moorlach of Orange County, who served on the budget conference committee, said it well during the floor debate on the budget process: ‘The real work is supposedly done by the Governor, by the Speaker of the Assembly, and the President pro Tem…it appears that the budget conference committee is almost virtually unnecessary…we ought to take a hard look at this process…I’m just advising you colleagues that we either follow the rules or we dissolve the conference committee.’

“Under this budget crafted together by Democratic leadership, we see mismanagement, overspending, and little concern for taxpayers as big government programs are prioritized that dedicate over $1 billion to the failing high-speed rail project, spend almost $2 billion collected from overtaxed drivers, and lay groundwork for government-run health care that is estimated to cost Californians at least $400 billion.

“This budget tramples on private property rights through eminent domain, blocks potential new water storage, hikes electricity costs on ratepayers through modifications to the grid, and raises fees at the DMV – even after forcing through the largest gas tax hike in history last year.

“In January, the governor and my colleagues across the aisle hailed a multi-billion-dollar budget surplus. Yet even when the state is supposedly flush with cash they still cannot resist the reflexive urge to nickel-and-dime hard-working Californians. Rather than give the people of this state a break and reward them for building a strong economy, this budget doubles down on the policies that make California so unaffordable.”