Oppose AB 186

What is being said about AB 186?

“… authorize what amounts to little more than county sanctioned shooting galleries.”
- Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, Association of Deputy District Attorneys, California Association of Code Enforcement Officers, California College & University Police Chiefs Association, California Narcotic Officers Association, Los Angeles County Probation Officers Union AFSCME Union 685, Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association, Los Angeles Police Protective League

“While attempting to create a safe place to use drugs, this bill effectively permits government-sanctioned drug dens where health and other officials will oversee the ‘lawful’ use of controlled substances. This sends entirely the wrong message regarding drug use...”
- California State Sheriffs’ Association

“… could be interpreted that an individual who participates in one of these programs could never be arrested for drug possession, even outside of the designated program site.”
- California District Attorneys Association

“For communities to feel safe, drug users and offenders must be pushed to adequate treatment to resolve their dependency… AB 186 will produce an opposite effect, where drug users are given a safe-haven for consumption.”
- California Peace Officers Association

“…we believe that safe injection sites will only encourage and support criminal activity and drug use further.”
Mayor Corey Warshaw, City of West Covina

“AB 186 which is creating government-sanctioned drug places, raises tremendous liability issues for local governments when participants inevitably overdose, or injure or kill someone else after leaving a program site while still under the influence… ”
- Office of the District Attorney, Alameda County

“…it is difficult to truly grasp the idea that enabling people to use drugs and providing them the means to do so, will help those individuals recover from drug addiction or make our communities safe from drug-related crimes.”
- Peace Officers Research Association of California