Keeping Parents in the Know About Their Children's Education

Legislation takes steps to increase sex education curriculum transparency
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

When it comes to sex education, parents should have access to information their children are learning. It is a responsibility districts owe to parents who are best able to determine when their children are ready to have these sensitive conversations.

While many parents are aware that health classes covering health and sex are taught in middle school and high school, they may not know that school districts can also adopt this controversial curriculum as early as transitional kindergarten.

Many parents have expressed concern that much of the material is unsuitable for young students, and in some cases even indecent.  In some parts of the state, parents are frustrated at the absence of clear communication from district officials about what is included in the adopted curricula.

“Parents have the right to know what lessons are being covered in the classroom,” said Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga). “We want them to be engaged and involved in the education of their children. This sensitive material needs to be transparent.”

Morrell has introduced SB 673, which would amend state law to:

  1. Require school districts that adopt elementary-age comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention curriculum to make the materials available on their websites.

  2. Restore the right of parents of elementary-age students (TK-6th grade) to opt their children in to comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education courses, rather than having to opt-out.

The idea for SB 673 was brought to Morrell by a parent in Contra Costa County.

The Senate Education Committee will consider the bill on April 24.