Governor Signs Morrell Legislation to Protect Funding for Senior Advocacy Group

Measure preserves private donations through state income tax form
Monday, August 25, 2014

Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga) announced today that Governor Brown has signed Senate Bill 997, legislation to continue allowing taxpayers to donate to the California Senior Legislature through their filed state income tax forms. The new law is designed to secure needed funding for the senior advocacy organization.

“SB 997 recognizes the important role that the California Senior Legislature plays in the state’s lawmaking process,” said Morrell. “Their input on issues impacting seniors is crucial to the work my colleagues and I do every day.  I’m optimistic that SB 997 will preserve the funding this group needs to continue its advocacy.”

The measure replaces the existing “California Fund for Senior Citizens” currently on the state income tax form with the more specific “California Senior Legislature Fund.” The fund is one of several on a list of “tax check-offs” that provides Californians with the ability to easily donate to nonprofit organizations.

Voluntary contributions made through the state income tax form are the California Senior Legislature’s primary source of funding. Without SB 997, the California Senior Legislature would risk not meeting the minimum annual contribution threshold of $250,000 required to remain on the form. This measure clearly identifies the California Senior Legislature as the beneficiary.

“SB 997 gives our organization an opportunity to continue raising the funds we need to advocate on behalf of seniors throughout California,” said Senior Senator Alice Loh of San Luis Obispo, Chair of the California Senior Legislature Joint Rules Committee. “We’re grateful to Senator Mike Morrell for his leadership on this issue and to Governor Jerry Brown for signing the bill into law. This action ensures the California Senior Legislature will have a strong presence in Sacramento for years to come.”

The California Senior Legislature is a volunteer body, established in state statute, whose primary mission is to gather ideas for legislation at the state and federal levels, craft the ideas into formal proposals, present them to members of the Legislature or Congress, and advocate for their implementation. The first session of the California Senior Legislature convened in 1981. More information on the California Senior Legislature can be found online at

Senate Bill 997 takes effect in time for the 2015 tax season.