Democrats Kill Morrell Measure to Re-affirm Senate's Commitment to Protecting Taxpayers

Measure would have recognized the 36th anniversary of Proposition 13
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SACRAMENTO – Today, Democrats on the Senate Governance and Finance Committee blocked passage of Senate Resolution 41, by Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga), a measure that would have recognized the historic passage of Proposition 13 and its role in keeping property taxes low for homeowners.

“I’m disappointed that members of the majority party refused to affirm their commitment to protecting taxpayers,” said Morrell. “Proposition 13 has kept seniors in their homes and made it possible for millions of first-time buyers to purchase homes. Senate Resolution 41 would have recognized this fact and shown the people of California that this body is in strong support of the initiative more than three decades after voters approved it.”

Senate Resolution 41 was originally eligible to be presented on the senate floor as early as May 22. However, on May 28, Democrats used an administrative maneuver to remove the measure from consideration on the senate floor, sending it back to committee. Rather than risk taking a vote that would expose their opposition to low taxes, the majority party instead hoped this action would kill the resolution quietly in committee.

“The chair’s comments in committee today, as well as the ‘no’ votes of other members, should be a red flag to taxpayers,” said Morrell. “What can be difficult about standing up for a law that saves homeowners money and prevents them from being kicked off their property? It tells me that legislative Democrats are bent on changing Prop. 13. With this committee vote today, it reinforces the fact that they want to see Californians pay more and more of their hard-earned money to the government.”

Proposition 13 was overwhelmingly approved by California voters in 1978 to rein in high property taxes. During a time of economic uncertainty, the law ushered in welcome tax stability and certainty for homeowners, many of whom were seniors on fixed incomes that faced the prospect of losing their homes because they could not pay the taxes. It still remains popular with voters 36 years later.

Last week, Senator Morrell spoke on the senate floor to commemorate the anniversary of Proposition 13.

Senate Resolution 41 failed passage in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee by a final vote of 2-5, with all five Democratic committee members in opposition.